Code that works together, stays together

Today I dive into the idea that you should group your code based on functionality, and how that idea as impacted recent frameworks.

Leave work at the home office

This week I talk about working remotely, and what techniques I use to set boundaries between work and my personal life.

Should I delete this?

Last week I deleted some code. This week I will tell you how I figured out if I should delete that code.

Extra Snippet - Chesterton’s Quote

This is Chesterton's original quote that inspired the episode "Should I delete this?". Tune in on Mars 2nd to listen to the full episode.

What if we need this?

Today I want to talk about a coding principle that I think really shapes the way I code. This principle is "Less is more", and I will show you how it applies when you are writing code and think "What if we need this in the future?"

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